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Sound is progressive, not conservative and old
Innovation can never have the protection of corporate vitality.

Sound operation - manufacturing enterprise survival
● the quality of sound is the core, the rapid development in the pursuit of business and market share at the same time, emphasizing the law to follow, step by step;
● to create the sound operation of the international business success and sustainable development based on the sole criterion;
● well-being is synonymous with credibility, the credibility of the customer's choice is always first.

Innovation - a source of manufacturing enterprises
● innovative companies will always have the vitality
● innovation requires a strong desire for success and keen insight, the need for concept of risk and risk-taking;
● pioneering spirit of innovation must be realistic, daring and excellence; 

HONGZHAN determined to do the following innovations:
The concept of innovation: the idea of ​​keeping the lead, one must become more international, and second, to have the market outlook.
Mechanism innovation: according to market demand, technological change, adjust the organizational structure, management concepts and management. The key is to break stereotypes, and improving the operating efficiency. Purpose is to enhance productivity and efficiency.
Product innovation: enhancing the company's core competitiveness, help the company formed its own characteristics, to achieve product differentiation.
Service Innovation: Customer Service is also productive, we should diversify services, and second, the means to serve modern, three to serve the technical standardization.
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